Machining expertise

composite machiningThis department has been created with an objective : to unite the abilities needed in the manufacturing of machined parts and to help you with your choices.

Made up of specialized machinists in composite, aluminium, titanium, hard stell…, AIC has developed methods of relevant products analysis.

  • Monitoring and optimizing of the manufacturing process
  • Machining programming
  • Help to design machining investment
  • Vocational training

We acquired our machining expertise through local and international projects and development parts in composites, aluminum, titanium, hard steel, etc. (i.e HSM/High Speed Machining for aluminum and composites). Orders were given by our main customers such as Airbus, DCNS, Renault, etc.

Monitoring and optimisation of the machining and manufacturing process

Made up of specialised machinists, this department has an extrem expertise in the monitoring and optimisation of the manufacturing and machining process

Composite, aluminium, hard stell…we offer you our abilities for :

  • Diagnostic and opportunities machining parts
  • Typing machining's parameters
  • Fitting to your manufactoring by test on your or own machine tools
  • Control process parameters to get the quality part needed

Since 2012, we also commercialise a new monitoring system named EMMAtools. This equipment allows you to optimise and boost your production by:

  • Monitoring your machining facilities
  • Improving its performances
  • Optimising the life-time of spindles and tools
  • Focusing critical areas
  • Participating to the validation/approval of your parts
  • Reducing operating costs

Optimisation of machining processes

  • Strategy and machining programming
  • Tool tests
  • Machine's tools and equipments tests
  • Equipments and accessories tests
  • Machining vibration analysis EMMAtools
  • Tap testing system 2Tpro (ex-SMARTIbox system)
  • Coolants test
  • Controllers's program control
  • Improve productivity