NEW: our SMARTIbox system has been renamed and becomes 2Tpro (Professionnal Tap Testing system)

2Tpro, vibration analysis tool with its impact hammer allows static and dynamic tap testing in order to determine the optimum rotation speed and avoid chatter vibration. 

machining tap testing system - 2Tpro


  • Analysing the tool-attachment-spindle set
  • Spindle condition monitoring


Our 2Tpro system allows vibration analysis of the tool-attachment-spindle set and is helpful in :

  • Determining the cutting tools parameters (by static and dynamic tool analysis)
  • Checking the spindles conditions
  • Controlling the vibrations during the machining process
  • Making the best use of your means
  • Avoid machining chatter

Analysis means

Static tool analyser

To determine the rotation speed of the spindle according to the impact

Dynamic tool analyser

To determine the optimal speed of the spindle according to the material being machined 

Spindle follow-up

To analyse to spindle health.


2Tpro components - machining tap testing systemOur 2Tpro system allows :

  • a 30% gain on your machining costs
  • an easy integration
  • an easy use of data and structured backup
  • an automatic reports generation for each tool (Excel)
  • an implementation of measures under real machining conditions
  • and participate in the validation and certification of your parts 
  • and reduce operating costs

download - AIC Download our brochure - 2Tpro (ex-SMARTIbox)