With extensive expertise in machining, AIC guides you in your projects and developments.

We are at your disposal for:

AIC - machining performances

  • Vibration analysis (Static and Dynamic tap test system)
  • « Best choice » for optimum cutting conditions thanks to the tool/material couple method
  • Machining strategy optimisation
  • Machining tool qualification
  • Machining tool geometry comparison – Supplier ranking
  • Material comparison
  • Machining head and Machining Equipment qualification

Measurement means

  • Sensors : Vibrations (internal and external head, ball bearing and motor temperature)
  • Head power measurement
  • KISTLER force measuring platform

Implementation tools

  • Shrinking bench
  • Pre-rigging bench
  • Balancing machine


  • To support you in the machining phenomenon comprehension
  • To manage a global offer (validation program redaction, test program performance, test report supply) in-situ or on customer site.

Expertize tools

  • 2Tpro (ex-SMARTIbox) : Static and Dynamic tap testing system used to find the optimized rotating speed. > Learn more
  • EMMAtools : Physic phenomenon acquisition system used during the machining process (strength, vibration, temperature …). > Learn more

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