Engineering department for composite and metallicWith a capacity of 900 hours per month, our design office develops and creates all types of industrial tooling and special machines.
Our Engineering department is able to design various tooling: assembling, drilling, molding, lay-up, stamping, machining, etc…, in metallic or composite materials.


With 8 000sqm of workshop and a capacity of 1 800 hours of machining per week, ORATECH, subsidiary of Europe Technologies group, realizes tooling designed by the engineering department.
ORATECH has a recognized experience in 5 axis machining of composite, steel, stainless, titanium and Inconel. ORATECH has the necessary resources and skills to support you effectively in your projects.

Our capabilities

Our technicians and engineers take in charge the development of your project, from conception to dimensioning, planning and milestone document “approved for manufacturing”.
The engineering unit is fully equipped with CATIA V5 and AutoCAD station.

Examples of designed products


Cutting machine for composite coupons Lay-up tooling for aeronautic
Final rear spar station (A340) Drilling grid for leading edge

You need help in your composite & metallic part standardization? We do offer a full range of expertise from methods, programming, tooling design, machining, etc. Download our brochure to learn more.