Engineering and consulting for composite parts



Our experts, engineers and technicians, assist you in your composite projects.

They are involved in short or long term projects, working closely with your design department, industrialisation, and R&D department.

composite prototyping From the technico-economical study to the development of prototype parts or series, we provide to our customers:

  • The definition and drafting of specifications, including objectives and constraints of the part;
  • The development and achievement of art's states of composite's progress for the intended application;
  • The study and the choice of materials and methods are able to respond to customer requirements - Techno-economic study, selection of materials and processes meet the best compromise between technical, economic, quality, qualification ... Achievement of FMECA
  • The definition and implementation of the experience plan for validation
  • Implementation of a pyramid test plan, from the coupons to the implementation of the part, scale 1.

These programs also include the accompanying, implementation of demonstrators, pre series and the definition of the associated methods / ranges.
These test campaigns can be carried out on our site. We have implemented TD / VT  means and a composite testing laboratory.

  • The support to industrialization
  • Support to the selection of suppliers / subcontractors. 
  • Achieving File Industrial Validation
  • Training - Our team is also able to train you in the implementation of different manufacturing processes on our means or on your site. Contact us. AIC is also accredited Research Tax Credit and training organization.


AIC composite team expertise :

For composite raw material :

  • Thermoset , thermoplastic, monolithic, sandwich…. 

For manufacturing process : composite lay up

  • Manual and automatised lay-up
  • Fiber placement
  • Filament winding
  • RTM / LRI (Oven, oven press) 
  • Pre-impregnate polymerisation (autoclave)
  • Forming, stamping
  • Assembly (fasteners, stcking, welding)
  • Complexe and large systems
  • Integration of functions,

For services :

  • Repair and maintenance

Examples - AIC composite engineering realisations

The use of composite material raise up in a wide range of product and business such as : aeronautics & aerospace, automotive, sports & leisure, medical ...

  • On customer site: Development of fuselage shell, wing and box structure
  • Assistance for RTM mould conception (oven press)
  • Studies of filament winding potential application
  • State of the art and studies of sticking process insertion on sandwich panel
  • Design and calculation of sticking
  • Assistance to the integration of composite concept in the main frame and cabines for nautical companies
  • Winding filament appliance for GNC storage
  • Integration of filament winding process to manufacture bone implant : prototype realisation

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